Are you annoyed about form styling? No problem - this is the solution!

  1. You need to import the form-styles mixin in your scss file:

    @import "form/form-styles";
  2. It's time for the default settings, outside the .cssClass {}. The wording speaks for itself.

    $form-label-position  : left, right, top;
    $form-label-align  : left, right;
    $form-label-width  : px or %;
    $form-input-width  : px or %;
    $form-margin  : px or %;
    $form-error-style  : bubbles, simple-right, simple;

Now you have to choose the parameters to setup the style of your form. When you don't need a setting you can simply set false.

  1. To use the mixin copy this directly in .cssClass {}
    @include form;