Initial setup online

Set server.domain and server.path in config.ini to correct values (production + test section)

On Webflow Server

1. Run the setup-online command to build your project for the first time
$ vps setup-online --server=test,production

On POI Server

1. Run the setup-online command to build your project for the first time
$ vps setup-online --server=test,production
2. Search for projects directory on the server (most of the time in div/)
3. Delete all existing files inside this folder (error-folder, index.html and also hidden files)
4. Setup the project on the server
$ ../library/kwfscripts/setup-web.php --section=[test|production|qa] --app-id=[git-id] --skip-db

The chosen section (test, qa or production) has to be defined in config.ini.

5. Create a config.local.ini with the database information
[production] =
database.web.user =
database.web.password =
database.web.dbname =
6. Copy your local data to the git-server (from your local virtual server)
$ ../library/kwfscripts/copy-data-to-git.php --skip-encrypt

This needs to be done every time before running copy-data-from-git.

7. Copy the data from the git-server to the POI-server
$ ../library/kwfscripts/copy-data-from-git.php --skip-encrypt
8. Add the projects process-control to the servers cronjobs


workflow on POI-Server

# 1. change to tomcat-solr conf directory (connect with web user)
# for example:
cd /www/tomcat-solr/conf/Catalina/localhost

# 2. create a file that is named with the application id of the project
# for example:
vi WEBID.xml

# 3. Write the below config with the correct project directory path to solr
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Context docBase="/www/docs/vps/solr/3.6.0/webapps/solr.war" debug="0" crossContext="true">
    <Environment name="solr/home" type="java.lang.String" value="/www/docs/div/WEBFOLDER/solr/" override="true" />

# 4. Set correct permissions of solr Directory in project with web user
# for example:
chmod 777 WEBFOLDER/solr/CONFIGFOLDER/data

# 5. Restart tomcat solr
# for example:
/www/bin/rc_tomcat restart solr

# 6. Index all your content to solr
# change into project directory with your web user
php bootstrap.php fulltext rebuild

# 7. Activate the cronjobs also with your web user
# for example
* * * * *    php /www/docs/div/WEBFOLDER/bootstrap.php fulltext update-changed 2>&1
30 02 * * *  time php /www/docs/div/WEBFOLDER/bootstrap.php fulltext check-contents 2>&1

On webflow server, step 1 - 5 is work for Andi. Step 6 - 7 is ours.