In Koala Framework JavaScript files and Css files are loaded through dependencies.

For better performance all individual files are combined in a single one, large, file - that contains all JavaScript or Css code required. (one for JS, one for Css)

Add dependencies


Frontend.files[] = kwf/css/web.css
Frontend.files[] = kwf/css/web.printcss
Frontend.files[] = web/css/master.css
Frontend.files[] = web/css/web.css

Frontend.dep[] = Components

Admin.dep[] = Frontend
Admin.dep[] = ComponentsAdmin
Admin.dep[] = KwfComponent

It's important to add the default values if you want to add additional dependencies because the default value gets resetted if you just add another one. You can find them on the last few lines in kwf/dependencies.ini.

Frontend.XXX is used for dependencies only needed for frontend and Admin.XXX for backend.

The line Admin.dep[] = Frontend enables everything from frontend also in backend because it will probably be shown in backend-preview.

XXX.files[] is used to relate files to dependency XXX

XXX.dep[] is used to relate dependencies to dependency XXX