Libraries we use

JS libraries

Name Description NPM Version
Chartjs Bar, Line, Radar, Pie etc. chart.js npm
Moment.js Date manipulation moment npm
Numeral.js Number manipulation numeral npm
Flickity Carousel slider flickity npm
noUiSlider Range slider nouislider npm
UUID Generates UUIDs uuid npm
Geolib Distance calculation with Coordinates geolib npm
Query String Parse and stringify URL query-string npm
Scroll To Animated window scroll scroll-to npm
Validator String validators like email etc validator npm
Store.js cross-browser local storage + Plugins like expire, events store npm
Sortable Drag and Drop implementation without jQuery sortablejs npm
Webfontloader Load webfonts webfontloader npm

React libraries

Name NPM Version
ReactJS react npm
React Router react-router npm
React Redux react-redux npm
React Router Redux react-router-redux npm
Redux redux npm
Redux Thunk redux-thunk npm
Redux Logger redux-logger npm
Redux Form redux-form npm
React Select react-select npm
React Tabs react-tabs npm
React Tooltip react-tooltip npm
React Modal react-modal npm
Immutable immutable npm
Axios axios npm

jQuery libraries

Name NPM Version
jQuery jquery npm
Backbone backbone npm
Backbone Marionette backbone.marionette npm
Backbone Paginator backbone.paginator npm
Ingenious Select ingeniousselectjs npm

PHP libraries

Name Composer Version Others
Guzzle guzzlehttp/guzzle ~3.8
RandomLib ircmaxell/random-lib ~1.0 Reason