The domain the website runs on you already configured during setup: server.domain

Now what Koala does it redirects all incoming requests with a different domain (Host: field in HTTP Header to be precise) to this server.domain. After all we don't want multiple domains with the same content ending up in the google index.

No Redirect Pattern

To disable that redirect for some domains set server.noRedirectPattern with a regular expression - if that matches no redirect will be performed.

server.noRedirectPattern = "^relaunch\.koala-framework\.org$"

This can be use when building a relanuch and and old website still points to the old server. Or when moving servers and a subdomain points the new server for testing.

Make sure to remove the pattern when it isn't needed anymore, else sooner or later google will pick it up.

For multiple domains a clever regexp with | (=or) can help:


Preliminary Domain (Since 4.1)

When the Domain doesn't yet point to the webserver and you have a temporary, preliminary domain (usually some subdomain) you can set server.preliminaryDomain.

This will disable the redirect to server.domain (like noRedirectPattern) but also:

Multi-Domain configurations

When using Kwc_Root_DomainRoot_Component to create a multi domain site we obviously can't redirect all domains to server.domain. No redirect will be performed for any domain listed under = =

Now if a request comes in with a domain not listed here Koala again redirects to one of them - but which one? Use the pattern config to match them with a regular expression. Here some examples: = "bar\.com$" ;match all subdomains = "^\.(com|org)$" ;match .com and .org = "^\.[a-z]+$" ;match any tld

The first listed domain (foo in the example) doesn't need a pattern as it will be the default if none of the patterns match.

Similar to server.noRedirectPattern the redirect also can be disabled for But keep in mind that pattern must match first: = ^relaunch\.example\.com$

And, as for server.preliminaryDomain that is also possible: =

With prelogin by default that can be disabled using = false