Koala Framework is backed by many unit tests. PhpUnit is used as test framework.

To execute all tests run in koala-framwork repository:

php bootstrap.php test

You can use the usual phpunit options like --filter --group --exclude-group.

For example to run a specific test call

php bootstrap.php test --filter=Foo_Test::testMyFunction //Foo_Test is the class-name of your testclass, testMyFunction the function-name of the test-case


To run all tests you need the following config:


server.domain = kwf.local
server.baseUrl = ""
server.testBrowser.Firefox.host = myownhost
server.testBrowser.Firefox.port = 4444
server.testBrowser.Firefox.browser = *firefox
server.testBrowser.Firefox.name = Firefox
server.autoStopTest = false

googleMapsApiKeys.kwflocal = XYZ
debug.querylog = true
debug.eventlog = true
debug.benchmark = true
debug.benchmarklog = true

libraryPath = /var/www/library