ini files are used to configure central parts of a Koala Framework app.

There is a layer of ini files that are put on top of each other:

([vkwf/config.ini] Internal) 
([vkwf/configPoi.ini] Internal)
([vkwf/config.local.ini] Internal, not under version control) 
 [web/config.local.ini] (not under version control, contains passwords etc)

The lower ones override values from above. That way it's possible to define a sensible default in kwf/config.ini that can be overridden if required.


Using the config sections you can easily configure the web for multiple servers, like for example production server, test server and a local development server.

When another config section is used the relevant section from config files are used. Usually you inherit from the default (production) section and override required settings.


[production] = mytestapp
debug.benchmark = false

[test : production]
debug.benchmark = true

Used config section

The default config section is production, by creating a config_section (not under version control) file you can switch to another section: simply insert the name of the wished section. eg. test

Additional config section

When you need an additional config section eg. local or development you can create it by adding:

[local : test]
kwfConfigSection = test

: test is for inheriting in web, kwfConfigSection = test is for the used kwf config section.