Example Usage

class ExampleController extends Kwf_Controller_Action_Auto_Grid
    protected $_model = 'Members';
    protected $_paging = 20;
    protected $_buttons = array('add', 'save', 'delete');
    protected $_grouping = array(
        'groupField' => 'lastname',
        'noGroupSummary' => true

    protected function _initColumns()
        $this->_columns->add(new Kwf_Grid_Column('lastname', trl('Lastname'), 140));
        $this->_columns->add(new Kwf_Grid_Column('firstname', trl('Firstname')));
        $this->_columns->add(new Kwf_Grid_Column_Checkbox('visible', trl('Active'), 40));

You have todo only two things:

  1. Set the protected attribute $_grouping as array.
    • With the key groupField for the db column
    • if you don't want a summary row at the end set noGroupSummary
  2. Load the dependency ExtGroupingGrid