The first step to customize a component is to create your own variant of it. This is done by creating a new component that inherits the original one.


class ParagraphsBlue_Component extends Kwc_Paragraphs_Component
    public static function getSettings()
        $ret = parent::getSettings();
        $ret['componentName'] = trlStatic('Paragraphs Blue');
        return $ret;

We now have a new component where we could add custom Css that styles it blue. The componentName setting will be shown to the user when he can choose this specific component - like as page type or paragraph type.

Next step is to actually use the new component - by setting it as child component in another component. This depends on where the component is used:

Page Type

To use the component as page type add that to config.ini:

kwc.childComponents.Kwc_Root_Category_Component.paragraphsBlue = ParagraphsBlue_Component

Paragraph Type

To use the component as paragraph type add that to config.ini:

kwc.childComponents.Kwc_Paragraphs_Component.paragraphsBlue = ParagraphsBlue_Component


For other components you have to set the child component using the settings.

Sometimes it is necessary to inherit several components to change one at a deeper level.