When a form has to configure something for a special parent you will need something like binding. 1. Create your controller 2. define indexAction() 3. configure bindings 4. handle bindings in your controller

Create your controller

This step can be read here.

Define indexAction()

The indexAction function is needed to... TODO

Configure bindings

In your defined js-file you have to define the bindings field. Most of the time you will have a relation between some sort of list and a view of form. In the list you have to define the following:

var lessonsGrid = new Kwf.Auto.GridPanel({
            controllerUrl: '/admin/lessons/category-lessons',//results in error
            region: 'center'

var categoriesGrid = new Kwf.Auto.SyncTreePanel({
            controllerUrl: '/admin/lessons/categories',
            region: 'west',
            width: 440,
            split: true,
            //this is used to set bindings
            bindings: [{
                item: lessonsGrid, //this is the form or view to bound
                queryParam: 'category_id' //this is the field of the controller which is the parameter
            title: 'Kategorien'

Handle bindings in your controller

You can access the binding value by typing:


Depending on your super class you can define the shown values by returning a customized select statement though the function _getSelect().