Translations in packages have to be masked only with functions starting with trl...Kwf...().

Translations contained in kwf-po-file (vendor/koala-framework/koala-framework/trl/en.po) should not be part of your packages po file. The script only adds translation to your po file if it's not part of kwf-po-file.

  1. add koala-framework/kwf-trl to your webs composer.json file
  2. run "composer update"
  3. go into the websfolder you added kwf-trl repository and call

    vendor/bin/trl parsePackage packagename

to parse all branches of your package and write en.po file to trl-folder of your package.

This file is the base for further localisation.

Change packagename to the name of the package you want to parse. The correct name can be found in the composer.json file from the package.