Kwf_Mail_Template allows sending mails similar to Kwf_Mail but adds support for templates.

First you have to create a new Kwf_Mail_Template object with the 'new' operator. You will have to set the $template parameter. This can either be a path (but no absolute) to your template in /views/mails or even a component- or a data-object. In the second case the template has to be placed in the component-folder.

Now you only have to set the receiver (and cc and bcc if you need) and call send.

There are several options you can configure. Just look at the Koala-Doc or directly in source code.

Code Example

view / mails / MyTemplate.html.tpl

<p>Dear <?=$this->fullname?>,</p>
<p>This is a message from Koala Framework.</p>

view / mails MyTemplate.txt.tpl

Dear <?=$this->fullname?>,

This is a message from Koala Framework.

Php code

$mailTemplate = new Kwf_Mail_Template('MyTemplate');
$mailTemplate->fullname = 'FooBar' //assign var that can be used in views
$mailTemplate->setFrom('', 'Example Name'); //optional, to override config default