There are several types of cache:

  1. OptCode
  2. Apc
  3. ViewCache
  4. others
To delete the optcode cache write:

php bootstrap.php clear-cache --type=optcode

Apc cache is cleared with:

php bootstrap.php clear-cache --type=apc

Kwc view cache can be deleted with params:

php bootstrap.php clear-view-cache

  1. --all
  2. deletes the view-cache of every component
  3. --id=
  4. deletes the view-cache of the specified component-id
  5. --dbId=
  6. this is used to delete by defined dbId
  7. --expandedId=
  8. This is searching for a concrete component at a defined location. The expanded id is build up with parent-ids + component-id (eg. root-main_first-page-textImage
  9. --class=
  10. Thisway you can define a class to delete the caches from

Which cache to delete

Sometimes it's harmful to delete all caches on production server as it would cause a downtime of the website. You can delete only required cache types by using the --type parameter for the clear-cache call.

Changes only on uncached code: --type=optcode

(<3.8): Changes only on assets (like css or js): --type=assets

Changes in config.ini: --type=config,apc

(<3.8): Changes on trl: --type=trl,apc (don't forget corresponding view-cache)

Changes in config on server.domain value: --type=config, setup, apc