Koala Framework provides a few useful debugging tools.

Disable Error Log

When developing locally you should always disable the error log - which will result in errors getting printed directly. Set debug.error.log = false in config.local.ini

Further it is recommended to enable display_errors in php.ini for local development and test servers.

Debug Output


Useful to profile or debug sql queries.

To enable set debug.querylog = true in config.local.ini. All sql queries will be logged into a file querylog in the application root. Some useful statistics are included.


Useful to debug events (mainly used for clearing view cache).

Similar to querylog, can be activated using debug.eventlog = true in config.local.ini.


Shows a box containing various benchmarks for every frontend page in the top right corner. Numbers like elapsed time, used memory, loaded classes, created component objects are included.

To enable set debug.benchmark = true in config.local.ini

Enable in Production

It is also possible to enable the benchmark output by adding a KWF_BENCHMARK get parameter to the Url. This however only works for a whitelist of remote ip addresses which can be defined in config.ini using debug.benchmarkActivatorIp.

Php Extensions

We also reccomend using xdebug php extension for development servers.