Checkout production branch (the first time)

# for web    
git checkout -b production origin/production

# for kwf
git checkout -b production/webname origin/production/webname

apply commit to other repository

git format-patch HEAD~1 #creates patch file for last 1 commit
   mv 0001-* ../otherrepo #move patch file to where you want to apply patch
   cd ../otherrepo
   git am --3way 0001-*

   # if patch causes conflict apply manually and fix conflict
   git apply --verbose --reject $PATCHNAME

   # cleanup
   rm 0001-*

   # push changes
   git push

Create Public Branch

git branch foo
git checkout foo
git branch --set-upstream origin origin/foo
git push

Show only not cherry-picked commits

git log --cherry-pick --left-only master...production