Using an editDialog in a AutoGrid you can edit grid entries using a form that will be shown in a modal dialog.

Create a new AutoForm Controller

You have to define a model the controller has to use. Also add permissions what's possible with this controller. Define how the form looks like.


class Example_FooController extends Kwf_Controller_Action_Auto_Form
    protected $_model = 'Foos';

    protected $_permissions = array('add','save');

    protected function _initFields()
        $this->_form->add(new Kwf_Form_Field_TextField('name', trl('Name')));

Add editDialog to AutoGrid controller

Depending on your super-class there exists an field called $_editDialog which holds a reference to the controller used to edit a single item.

Just set it like this:

protected $_editDialog = array(
        'controllerUrl' => '/admin/example/foo',
        'width' => '400'

You can simply create an "edit-button" in your grid by adding a new Kwf_Grid_Column_Button() to the columns.

Add AutoForm entry to Acl

(Describe why we have to add this to the Acl.php file)

Add this line of code to the __construct()-function:

$this->addResource(new Zend_Acl_Resource('example_foo'),

Advanced: custom AutoForm class

If you need a custom form class as editDialog first create a Window class that uses this AutoForm:

Example.FooFormWindow = Ext.extend(Kwf.Auto.Form.Window, {
    initComponent : function() {
        this.autoForm = 'Example.FooForm';;

and set that class for the _editDialog setting in the AutoGrid:

protected $_editDialog = array(
    'controllerUrl' => '/admin/example/foo',
    'type' => 'Kwf.Auto.FormPanelEx'