Components have static settings, to define/change them override the static getSettings method in the component class:

class Example_Component extends Kwc_Abstract
    public static function getSettings()
        $ret = parent::getSettings();
        $ret['componentName'] = 'Example';
        return $ret;

These settings will be cached so you must not use any dynamic code in getSettings.
(like accessing the session, time etc., also don't use trl(), use trlStatic() instead)


Kwc_Abstract::getSetting('Example_Component', 'componentName');
Kwc_Abstract::hasSetting('Example_Component', 'componentName');

//get setting for Kwf_Component_Data object
Kwc_Abstract::getSetting($data->componentClass, 'componentName');

//get setting for Component object:
Kwc_Abstract::getSetting($component->getData()->componentClass, 'componentName');
//or use this (protected) helper:
//don't do that: Kwc_Abstract::getSetting(get_class($component), 'componentName');