When you browsed the Koala sources you will have probably recognized the cc components.

This components are used to show a copy of a component on a different place in your component tree.

You can use it like this:

Create a copy component

Create a new class extending 'Kwc_Chained_CopyTarget_Component'. It should look like this:

   class Lessons_Category_Detail_Component extends Kwc_Chained_CopyTarget_Component
       public static function getSettings()
           $ret = parent::getSettings(false);
           return $ret;

Analyse the component you want to copy

Open the component and follow the base classes (and the containing folder) till you find the first Cc folder with containing Component.php For example if you want to copy a component extending CompositeComponent you will have to make one parent-step to CompositeComponent and head into the Cc folder and note the class name of the Component.php

Configure your copy component

Now you should have the base Cc Component name and the class name of the component you want to copy.

In case your component name is "Lessons_Detail_Component" and it extends "Kwc_Abstract_Composite_Component" you will have to insert following line to your "getSettings()"-function:

$ret['generators']['target']['component'] = 'Kwc_Abstract_Composite_Cc_Component.Lessons_Detail_Component';

The first part of the asigned string is the first Cc component in inheritance (the class name you noted) and after the dot the component you want to copy.

The last step is to define which data should be shown. You have to implement getTargetComponent function. It could look like this:

public function getTargetComponent()
        $lessonId = $this->getData()->row->lesson_id;
        return Kwf_Component_Data_Root::getInstance()->getComponentByDbId('lesson-'.$lessonId);