Updating to a newer version:

  • clone the kwf-upgrade repository (contains helper scripts that will upgrade your codebase)
  • execute composer install in kwf-upgrade
  • execute all update scripts, eg to update from 3.3 to 3.5 you need to call upgrade-to-3.4.php and upgrade-to-3.5.php
  • execute composer update, php bootstrap.php clear-cache and php bootstrap.php build and fix any errors you get
  • execute php bootstrap.php update to execute update scripts that update the database




New Features:

  • Change db-connection configuration to support utf8mb4
  • Refactor image scaling into Scaler backends and introduce a RemoteService backend
  • Added Symfony Image Normalizer
  • Added skipPagesMeta-flag
  • No filesystem access when generating media urls

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Removed Base-Url functionality
  • Symfony-Component Normalizer now deliver absolute URLs
  • Moved Kwc_Advanced_IntegratorTemplate_Component into own package
  • Removed Legacy Assets Build (already replaced by Webpack since 5.0)
  • Build Process updated to Webpack 4


New Features:

  • Symfony services can now implement MaintenanceJobs
  • Basic API-Content Implementation
  • Added Kwf_Component_Plugin_Interface_Redirect
  • Support for KWF-Authorization via Cookie
  • Update-Provider for Symfony
  • Add Error-Collect Validator for Symfony
  • Add php bootstrap.php symfony command
  • Support for decoupled child projects
  • Add Kwf_Util_Symfony::getKernel()

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Newsletter has been moved to own package
  • Remove Shortcut-Url Feature


New Features:

  • Webpack Build

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Webpack Build
  • js dependencies now use npm instead of bower (eg. jQuery)
  • Shop not maintained anymore, migrate to https://github.com/koala-framework/kwc-shop instead


New Features:

  • repositories can now define a build step in composer.json


New Features:

  • kwcClass (without dot) is now also supported
  • (*) htmlspecialchars -> Kwf_Utl_HtmlSpecialChars::filter($value) (sets ENT_QUOTES flag)
  • TODO Alex: Mail templates in views/mail now can now be twig
  • maintenanceJobs.sendFailNotification setting (defaults to true on production, false on test)

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Security: sessionToken removed, CRSF protection is now done by validating X-Requested-With Header
  • default ContentSender now writes best practice security headers (remove own headers set in bootstrap.php)
  • Kwc_Form_Component: POST-fallback removed, useAjaxRequest=false removed
  • use Kwc_Form_NonAjax_Component if you need useAjaxRequest=false


New Features:

  • maintenance jobs log output
    • logs run jobs in database (can be viewed in browser as admin)
    • send failed jobs output to config setting maintenanceJobs.failNotificationRecipien or Job::getRecipientsForFailNotification()

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Security: restricted media uploads to mimeType, extension and size, by default only admin and superuser can upload files
  • (*) Kwc_Advanced_VideoPlayer_Component and Kwc_Advanced_AudioPlayer_Component moved to own repository: koala-framework/kwc-mediaelement


New Features:

  • better varnish integration: assets in apc can be disabled, possible to clear fullpage cache (kwf-varnish 1.1)
  • Newsletter: possible to add a "web version" link that opens newsletter in browser
  • Kwc_Tabs_Component now supports internal and external linking to any given tabId by using a URL hash. Internal links can be made by using the anchor function (as already used for headers) in the backend. Also added a Kwc_Legacy_Tabs_Component to support older implementations.

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Kwc_Mail (and Newsletter) redirects changed
    • has to be page now, otherwise components where it used could throw NotFound exception
    • *redirect* prefix in links dropped
    • *showcomponent* removed, use passMailRecipient flag to access recipient, and this components has to be a page now
  • Directory_List_View_Component::getItems/getItemIds moved to Directory_List_Component
  • Disable legacy support for assets packages to prevent cssChunks issues


New Features:

  • node-sass updated to 3.7
  • needed for kwf-extjs 3
  • modelProviders config.ini setting
  • eventSubscribers config.ini setting
  • Kwc_Menu_Mobile_Component is now animated using CSS instead of javascript, animations triggered by on('menuToggle') should now also be done in CSS without using the deprecated parameter "slideDuration"
  • assets are now also loaded from npm packages (before only bower)
  • Add possibility to inehrit master template including styles (masterExtends setting to inherit styles, renderer.getComponentMasterTemplate for inheriting twig template)
  • Admin js is now loaded deferred, Kwf.main is called as entry point to start the application
  • kwf/base-url for JavaScript that outputs relative urls (required for IntegratorTemplate)
  • [BETA] Symfony integration: new KwfBundle for creating REST APIs
  • X_KWF_AUTHORIZATION as alternative for default Authorization-Header (for Mobile-Apps working with OAuth and preLogin required)
  • Event-classes can now listen to multiple events when setting events to an array of events
  • kwfLocal selector for js/css that gets replaced with class named after file (similar to kwcClass but also usable outside of components)

New Features available as package:

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • E_STRICT error_reporting is now enabled (!)
  • (*) getTemplateVars now always needs a renderer argument (for compatibility with E_STRICT)
  • (*) getSettings now always needs a parameter (usually null) (for compatibility with E_STRICT)
  • Components now can't set $needsParentComponentClass anymore
    • SwitchDisplay, Tabs and Legacy_Columns now create a Kwc_Paragraphs_Component (previosuly created their parent)
  • (*) vendor/koala-framework/koala-framework/node_modules folder is moved to web (./node_modules)
  • Kwf.sessionToken isn't set anymore, kwf/user/fetch-session-token get it using if needed
  • Cacheable content in frontend is now output with Cache-Control: public

Components converted to BEM classes, possibly incompatible when uniquePrefix is used:

  • Kwc_Menu_Dropdown_Component (hasSubMenu class)

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-4.2.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • postcss filters: autoprefixer and others for optimizing css file size (usage of compass mixins for vendor prefixes not required anymore)
  • improved build performance, repeated build with multiple languages generated packages now much faster (initial build is slower though)
  • frontend performance: less css/js to load due to multiple asset packages for components (assetsPackage flag)
  • integration of babeljs for es6 support (add "use es6"; at beginning of js file)
  • config setting: server.preliminaryDomain (instead of noRedirectPattern)
  • googleMapsApiKey config setting for a single key that works on all domains (use instead of googleMapsApiKeys.examplecom

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • refactored CookieOpt and Statistics
  • Kwf_Component_Plugin_Interface_SkipProcessInput changed
  • Statistics_OptBox div structure and class names

Components converted to BEM classes, possibly incompatible when uniquePrefix is used:

  • Kwc_News_List_View_Component

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-4.1.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • Kwf.Util.ResponsiveEl can now be used as sass mixin: @include el-breakpoint(350px) { }
  • application.uniquePrefix config setting will prefix all generated html classes and scope all javascript into window.uniquePrefix
  • kwfUp- in html, css and js will be replaced withapplication.uniquePrefix
  • when uniquePrefix is activated, BEM (Block Element Modifier) standard should be used for naming classes
  • Component.override.scss/js: stops styling from getting inherited from base component
  • Components now support Layout Contexts (for usage with kwc-susy instead of ResponsiveEl)
  • support for *.underscore.tpl dependencies

New Features available as package:

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Component.js now used commonjs to load dependencies
  • .printcss doesn't exist anymore, use @media print {} in .(s)css instead
  • asset variables (var(typo)) don't exist anymore, use sass variables instead (sass/config/_colors.scss)
  • *cssClass template variable renamed to rootElementClass
  • *.cssClass in css/js that gets replaced component css class renamed to .kwcClass
  • Component css+js inheriting is implemented differently

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-4.0.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • Performance improvements for Model_Db (Zend_Db_Table not used anymore)

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Lightbox styling & animations re-implemented using css

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.11.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • SEO improvements:
    • Improved sitemap.xml now with lastmod field
    • title attribute for links
    • title attribute for images
    • auto-generated (transliterated) urls for cyrillic letters
    • history with automatic redirect for renamed pages
    • Don't index ImageEnlarge pages, use the enlarged image as href
    • Avoid double content for Lightbox (load parent content using ajax)
    • add language of current page in html
    • add alternate link to other languages of current page in html
    • use correct title and metatags for Lightbox pages
  • added maintenance-jobs, started by process-control

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • *newsletter is now started by maintenance-jobs, own process not required anymore
  • *OpenGraph Image is now integrated in MetaTagsContent

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.10.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • kwf-extjs: file upload field
  • on?Element*: selector that matches changed element directly is now supported correctly
  • User Auth Redirect: supports auth using SSO (eg. OAuth2)
  • *New translation system with po files, no more trl.xml

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Kwc_List_ChildPages_Teaser_Component now has visiblity, remove visible from child component
  • Default image size setting in Kwc_Abstract_Image_Component uses cover=false instead of cover=true. So the behaviour accords to versions <3.6 while in 3.6-3.8 the cover=true is accidently used by default.
  • update scripts naming changed, now named eg. 20150310Foo.sql
  • Upload Model ids changed from INT to uuid VARBINARY(36)
  • translation now saved in po files. See Translation and subpages for more information.

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.9.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • Koala Framework now has a required build step
  • Koala Framework now uses composer to manage dependencies, composer-extra-assets to require bower and npm dependencies
  • Acl Resources can now have an order setting
  • new flag "showInLinkInternAdmin" to show static pages in LinkTag Intern Pages
  • Performance: Frontend js is now split in two parts where one is loaded deferred, use Component.defer.js and assetsDefer setting to defer JS load.
  • Users can now consist of multiple sources (to include eg. a Members model)
  • new form styling sass mixins
  • Paragraphs Admin: order of components in add menu can be specified using componentCategory and componentPriority setting
  • nicer and styleable backend login
  • Components: twig templates (optional)
  • Components: getMasterTemplateVars: like getTemplateVars but for Master.tpl
  • improved password hashing using bcrypt
  • automatic build of customized modernizr (kwf-modernizr)
  • integration of external javascript libraries thru own package: kwf-extjs, kwf-extensible, kwf-deftjs, kwf-densajs
  • clear cache watcher compatible now with osx and windows (with help of python watchdog)

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Ext 2.3.0 moved from Ext to Ext2 JavaScript namespace, css from x- to x2-
  • Kwf.on*Ready: defaults to defer=true now
  • Lightbox, ViewAjax Javascript: converted from Ext2 to jQuery
  • Kwf.Utils.DoubleTapToGo implementation changed
  • Ext4 MVC Controllers redesigned and moved to own repository: densajs
  • User Model changes
    • re-implementation of user related classes
    • locked was removed

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.8.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


New Features:

  • Kwc_Columns_Component: Allowed to add unlimited rows which are fully responsive
  • Responsive Images: Images are only loaded if visible and with optimized size
  • performance improvements for frontend javascript, new options for onElementReady
  • Ext4 MVC Controllers
  • Raven Exception Logger (php, js)
  • Benchmark Box for Frontend JavaScript profiling

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • (*) The following components got renamed:
    • Kwc_Columns_Component -> Kwc_Legacy_Columns_Component
    • Kwc_ColumnsResponsive_Component -> Kwc_Columns_Component
  • Responsive Images: Use visibility:hidden instead of display:none. If not possible call Kwf.callOnContentReady(el, {newRender: false}); while image is shown.
  • Kwc_Basic_Image: useParentImage setting got removed, use Kwc_Basic_ImageParent instead
  • media cache doesn't get cleared on clear-cache anymore, use php bootstrap.php clear-cache media to force clear
  • onElementReady/onContentReady:
    • scope parameter moved into options
    • form, list and others now get initialized with defer, to access them you also have to defer

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.7.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


Created: 2014-01-14

New Features:

  • new assets system
    • Ext4 support (and Extensible)
    • automatic dependencies for Component.js
  • Kwc_Basic_Image: crop functionality
  • new Kwc_Basic_Headline_Component that allows selecting the Layer
  • Deleted Flag (see the documentation for details)

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Image Settings: "bestfit" changed to cover=false; "crop" changed to cover=true; "deform" is not existing anymore.
  • Cover setting in default image size of Kwc_Image_Abstract changed to true - this happened by mistake and is changed back in 3.9
  • removed features from assets: sections, http host dependent content, same file in multiple dependencies
  • added default acl resources (user admin, clear-cache redirects) (moved from vkwf)
  • All Enquiries acl resource moved to Kwc_Form_Dynamic_MenuConfig
  • image-dimension definition has changed. There is no bestfit, crop or deform option anymore. Now cover=true/false defines if the defined width and height have to be covered or if the image can be smaller.
  • ImageEnlarge: "Alternative preview image" feature got removed (use this script to get list of affected components)
  • (*) bootstrap.php doesn't contain include paths anymore, moved to config.ini with common defaults in kwf
  • (*) The following components moved to legacy:
    • Kwc_Basic_Headline_Component -> Kwc_Legacy_Headline_Component
    • Kwc_Basic_Headlines_Component -> Kwc_Legacy_Headlines_Component

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.6.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


Created: 2013-09-24

New Features:

  • running web in a subfolder is now supported
  • (*) Resource_MenuUrl doesn't require setting a url

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • (*) assets loader now gets called in setup, remove line from bootstrap.php

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.5.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


Created: 2013-07-31 Stable: 2013-08-13

New Features:

  • Themes (omg!)


  • responsive lightbox
  • improved usability for Paragraphs admin
  • controllers directory in web includes all subfolders now dynamically, if you update an older web you can delete the lines in bootstrap.php where you include these (frontController)
  • Automatic protection against CSRF attacks for all json requests
  • full https support in frontend (automatic switch to https if session or form is used)
  • better jQuery support in frontend (onJElementReady)
  • fullPage cache should improve frontend performance
  • Facebook Login
  • Web Installer
  • submit button caption of Kwc_Form_Dynamic can be customized in backend
  • Opt-Component for Cookie Opt-In/-Out (At the moment only statistic components follow these settings)

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Kwc_Mail_Editable_Admin does not exist anymore, use Kwc_Mail_Editable_MenuConfig
  • Form default styling (especially buttons) removed
  • Change user logout in frontend from ?logout to fixed url /kwf/user/logout
  • Kwc_User_BoxAbstract_Component does not exist anymore (loggin in / out is processed independently of components, so there is no need to have a User_BoxAbstract anymore)
  • Kwf_Component_Plugin_Login_Component does not extend Password_Plugin anymore (should be no problem but please test)
  • added Kwf_Session, Kwf_Session_Namespace, must be used instead of Zend_Session*
  • KwfOnReady dependency: required for Kwf.onElementReady and Kwf.onContentReady
  • (*) new includeCode helper that should be used in Master.tpl instead of other header/footer codes (title, metatags, statistics etc)
  • (*) The following components refactored and moved to list:
    • Kwc_Composite_Links_Component -> Kwc_List_Links_Component
    • Kwc_Composite_Downloads_Component -> Kwc_List_Downloads_Component
    • Kwc_Composite_LinksImages_Component -> Kwc_List_ImagesLinks_Component
    • Kwc_Composite_Image_Component -> Kwc_List_Images_Component
  • Kwc_List_Images_Component uses EnlargeTag as default, not LinkTag anymore. If you need LinkTag, please extend Kwc_List_ImagesLinked_Component
  • Navigation-Buttons in ImageEnlarge are not shown anymore when a parent component is LinkTag (due to cache deletion problems)

  • Acl:

    • acl gets cached, don't do any dynamic stuff in acl!
    • acl resources based on components need to clear cache on changes
    • (*) acl resources with menuConfig need to use trlStatic for translated text
    • Auto* actions: hide buttons & permissions based on privilege
  • Kwc_Mail_Abstract_Component doesn't disable viewCache anymore
  • (*) Css files changed:
    • css/master.css -> merged into css/web.css
    • css/web.css -> component/Root/Web.css and Master.css (Master.css should contain styling for Master.tpl)
    • Master.tpl contains cssClass which can also be used in Master.css
  • Settings "hasDomain", "hasLanguage" and "hasMoneyFormat" have been replaced by baseProperties
    • Remove mentioned settings and associated Methods like "getLanguage" or "getDomain"
    • Add flag "hasBaseProperties"
    • Optionally add setting "baseProperties" which returns array of supported properties (e.g. "language", "domain")
    • Override getBaseProperty($propertyName) and return the appropriate value for $propertyName
  • (*) The settings for statistic have been renamed to statistics and follow the baseProperty mechanism.
    • (*) statistic.analyticsCode -> statistics.analytics.code
    • (*) statistic.piwikId/piwikDomain -> statistics.piwik.id/domain

To update a web to this branch execute the following command in the working directory of your web:

php ../kwf-upgrade/upgrade-to-3.4.php

This will update required changed marked with (*).


Created: 14.03.13

Stable: 16.04.13

New Features:

  • Kwf.Fade.Elements now uses a customizable Ext.XTemplate for generated links
  • Cache_SimpleStatic: used for static caches
  • Non-Static caches now save to memcache instead of apc which fixes possible problems with apc fragmentation and apc deadlocks
  • Custom Session Handler that stores into memache + mysql
  • SASS scss is now supported
  • Responsive Components: ColumnsResponsive
  • new preview in admin including responsive preview
  • TitleEditable inherits from subroot

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Forms enable view cache by default, if you load dynamic data disable it again
  • Shop_Cart_OrderData moved into Shop_Cart_Order
  • Master.tpl: div with componentWidth not created anymore in the componentWithMaster function, add back to template


Created: 14.05.12

Stable: 21.12.12

New Features:

  • Trl works again (clearing view cache)
  • clear-cache-watcher
  • Kwc_Abstract_Image: support retina display quality
  • AjaxView including live search and endless scrolling
  • jQuery dependency
  • jQuery-based video & audio player

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Master.tpl: div with componentWidth is now created in the componentWithMaster function, delete it from template (obsolete in 3.3!)
  • lightbox now adds closeButton automatically
  • Events now use Component_Data objects instead of just ids. Most Events in webs must be adjusted.
  • FulltextSearch is implemented differently and needs to be restyled
  • Kwf_Component_Plugin_Interface_View got replaced by other interfaces


(not supported anymore)


Created: 7.12.11

Stable: 14.05.12

New Features:

  • Lightbox and ListSwitch make use of HTML5 history API

  • solr search

  • Expr_Position

  • default assetVariables in kwf/config

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Kwc_Basic_Empty_Component renamed into Kwc_Basic_None_Component

  • Kwc_Mail now uses master.css styles and creates inline css styles

  • mail: getMailVars is replaced by getTemplateVars($renderer)

  • mail: adding images as attachment not possible anymore

  • FrontendForm errors changed: config setting kwc.form.errorStyle has 'bubble' as default

  • List_Gallery has fixed aspectRation 3/4 by default

  • Kwc_Abstract::modifyFulltextDocument got replaced by Kwc_Abstract::getFulltextContent

  • default webForm styles moved into kwf, remove them in web.css

  • componentLink Helper only allows Component as target, otherwise use link Helper


Created: 21.06.11

Stable: 7.12.11

New Features:

  • Model_RowCache: cached angegebene columns von rows im apc cache wenn per getRow() gesucht wird

  • Komponentenbreite dynamisch ermitteln: Master.tpl: $this->componentWidth($this->data)

                                     Root Settings: contentWidth, contentWidthBoxSubtract
                                     Component Settings: contentWidhtSubtract
  • CLI-Update Controller kann man jetzt --class angeben:

führt auch SQL-Dateien aus, Beispiel: "vps update --class=Vpc_Abstract_Cards_Update_2"

  • Vpc_Abstract_Cards: Unterkomponente per Cards aus wählen, LinkTag basiert jetzt auf dieser


  • new Generator_Box_StaticSelect: allows the user to select from different components

                              this can replace InheritContent in combination with
                              (it's more powerful and logical)
  • Component.yml: instead of creating Component.php it is possible to create Component.yml for easier creating

    custom components

  • childSettings: Components can change the settings of their children without inheriting

  • Vpc_Menu_EditableItems: allows attach components to menu items (including images)

  • It's now possible to have any content in a lightbox and still have an unique url

  • ListSwitch items have their own url and lazy loads content

  • Directories: Month/Category links now automatically show the number of items in componentLinks

  • There can be multiple Newsletter components, but only one per subroot

    Subscribers and categories will be per newsletter component

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • User_Box: aufgeteilt in zwei komponenten, wenn eingeloggt LoggedIn Unterkomponente

  • breite von innerContent, TwoColumns u.a. nicht mehr im css einstellen, sondern in Komponenten Settings

    Fixe Breiteneinstellungen gehören generell nicht mehr ins css

  • Vps_User_Model is not a service model, that changed to Vps_User_Service_Model

  • Vpc/List/Switch got completely changed

  • Menu: maxLevel setting removed (create own SubMenu component with different level)

  • Vpc_Abstract::sendContent moved to ContentSender class

  • ImageEnlarge changed a lot: JS Template got replaced by normal Component.tpl, HTML Layout changed a bit

  • componentLink helper: parameters $get and $anchor got removed, 3rd parameter now is a config array

  • Admin::_addResourcesBySameClass got replaced by menuConfig setting

  • Kwc_Directories_List_Component: method getItemDirectoryClasses must be implemented

    and staticall return all possible directory componentClasses

handled by vkwf/scripts/koalarize-rename-web update script:

  • Vps and Vpc renamed into Kwf and Kwc

  • application/* moved into web root

  • application/config.ini dependencies section moved into dependencies.ini


Erstellt: 21.06.11

Stable: 21.06.11

Neue Features

  • MultiCheckbox in Dynamischen Formularen

Possibly incompatible Changes:


Created: 20.12.10

Stable: 03.03.11

Neue Features

  • RTE mit tinymce unterstützung

  • Component Cache Neu, Url Cache, ProcessInput Cache

  • HtmlEditor: enableBlocks setting gibts nicht mehr, wurde in FormatBlock plugin ausgelagert und

    müsste manuell zu plugins hinzugefügt werden (bevorzugt wird Text-Komponente!)

  • simple /sitemap.xml, ohne änderungsdatum (bei Komponentenweb immer aktiv)

  • /robots.txt (bei Komponentenweb immer aktiv)

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Helper: Statt $this->ifHasContent($component) muss man if ($this->hasContent($component)) schreiben

  • partials view Helper: 2. Parameter (partialClass) wurde entfernt

  • Master.tpl muss $this->componentWithMaster($this->componentWithMaster) für die Haupt-Komponente verwenden

  • generators: box priority wurde entfernt

  • Image Resizing: exif drehung wird jetzt berücksichtigt

  • Config section 'preview' has to have server.domain set to use a real preview domain


Erstellt: 17.08.10

Stable: 03.03.11

New Features:

  • Vps_Date, Vps_DateTime

  • CopyContent

  • editComponents geht jetzt auch mit Table Generator

  • MultiCheckbox: Alle / keine Links (standardmäßig aktiv)

  • Volltextsuche

  • Model_Mongo

  • Model_MirrorCacheSimple

  • AccessByMail Plugin

  • (Multi)-FileUpload per html5 wenn moeglich, incl drag&drop support

  • Doppeltes bearbeiten von zB Directories ist mittels extConfigControllerIndex deaktivierbar

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • Vps_Date ist komplett inkompatibel (erbt nicht mehr von Zend_Date)

  • Expr_Smaller -> Expr_Lower

  • Expr_SmallerDate, Expr_HigherDate -> entfernt; Expr_Smaller kann dafür auch mit

    Vps_Date und Vps_DateTime umgehen

  • Expr_Equal (Equals ist deprected)

  • Menü-Komponenten: TemplateVars wurden geändert, ist jetzt ein array. Alle überschriebenen

    Templates müssen angepasst werden (bzw. schaun obs wirklich überschrieben werden muss)

  • frontControllerClass MUSS in application/config.ini angegeben werden

  • Tags in Seitenbaum gibts nicht mehr (kein Vps_Component_Acl->allowTag())

  • aclClass MUSS in application/config.ini angegeben werden

  • Columns admin ist jetzt keine Form mehr sondern ein Grid

  • .webStandard strong/em/ol/ul/li ist jetzt im vps und sollte in webs entfernt werden

  • newsListView und eventsListView Teaser haben jetzt ein nl2br

  • showInPageTreeAdmin flag gibts nicht mehr, ist jetzt nur noch ein generatorFlag

  • Image Dimensionen: wenn width oder height 0 ist muss 'deform' verwendet werden

  • Neue tdpdf-Version (5.9.023). PDFs gehören auf jeden Fall überprüft


Created: 09.06.10

Stable: 16.08.10

New Features:

  • Generator Plugins

  • Generator Plugin: Tags

  • Kaltstart Performance

  • Vpc_Form: vpsFieldError klasse wird für Felder mit Validierungs-Fehler gesetzt

  • needsParentComponentClass Setting, damit wird die $parentComponentClass bei getSettings


  • ExtConfig ist eigene Klasse - statt Admin::getExtConfig, setzen über extConfig Setting

  • Vpc_List_Switch hat transitions (fade ist jetzt standard) und die weiter-pfeile

    funktionieren über das ende hinaus und fangen wieder von vorn an

  • Directory Administration: es gibt jetzt ExtConfigTabs

  • Neues EyeCandy: Vps.Switch.Overlay

  • Administrierbare Redirects

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • editComponents werden im Seitenbaum nur mehr berücksichtigt wenn direkt unter der bearbeitenden Komponente liegen

    (indirekt nur wenn der ganze Pfad editComponents eingestellt hat)

  • Directories Administration:

    • Admin::_getContentClass gibts nicht mehr

    • idTemplate muss nicht mehr gesetzt werden

  • editComponents werden auch bei Paragraphs berücksichtigt

  • Vpc_Basic_Flash_Component gibts nicht mehr, stattdessen Flash_Code und Flash_Upload

    Vpc_Basic_Flash_Component mit Upload (nicht Url) wird nicht autom. konvertiert

  • Form_Field::validate gibt jetzt nicht nur mehr ein array mit Validierungsmessages zurueck sondern

    ein array mit field und message

  • Vpc_Columns::getSettings beöntigt $parentComponentClass Argument, muss bei abgeleiteten

    durchgeschliffen werden

  • Vpc_List_Switch hat options, müssen im Template ausgegeben werden

  • Admin::getExtConfig gibts nicht mehr, durch extConfig Setting ersetzen

  • Vpc_Abstract_List_Admin und Vpc_Abstract_Composite_Admin gibts nicht mehr, stattdessen

    sollte die passende extConfig Einstellung gesetzt werden

  • Update auf Zend 1.10.7


Created: 07.05.10

Stable: 09.06.10

New Features:

  • AutoFilter

  • Vpc_Tabs

  • Vpc_List: Multi File Upload

Possibly incompatible Changes:

  • LightBox restyling

  • News und Events View Html verbessert Vps

  • NewsCategories Detail im Vps das die Kategorien ausgibt

  • Vpc_Columns erben von Abstract_List

    • TemplateVars: columns umbenannt in listItems

    • generator columns umbenannt in child

  • Directories Kategorien sind jetzt pro Komponente

    • eigene Tabelle, kein Pool mehr

    • Updatescript gibts für News und Events

  • Vps_Component_Plugin_Password_Component::isLoggedId in isLoggedIn umbenannt

  • config->vpc->childComponents wird direkt in getSetting verwendet und

    nicht mehr druebergespielt, ist flexibler (commit cf4a0a2)

  • Newsletter:

    • Strukturänderungen

    • Standardmodel von Users auf Subscribers umgestellt

    • auf jeden Fall alles durchtesten beim Umstellen


Created: 15.01.10

Stable: 20.05.10


  • RTE einfügen


  • List_Fade kann Text-Balken ausblenden wenn nix drin is